Organisational, technical and
customer-centric innovation

We specialize in legal professions, insurance, accountancy & pensions

Bizzomate realises
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Don’t hesitate any longer and choose the path towards Business Agility!

With Agile Development, Bizzomate brings business and IT closer together

Our consultants make sure that organisations become truly agile in a fast changing world

Triple Agility Approach

With Agile Development, Bizzomate brings business and IT closer together. But we take it even one step further: our Triple Agility Approach helps organisations to become truly agile in a fast changing world.


The sectors in which we specialize are Legal, Insurance, Accountancy and Pensions. Your customers want more and innovating is a must. A standard solution is not an option anymore!

Case studies

So what is it that Bizzomate does for her customers? Visit our case study page to see some examples of our projects.

Triple Agility Approach

Agile Development brings business & IT closer together




Why you really can’t procrastinate any longer?

Choose the way towards Digital Innovation!


  • Stagnation means decline
  • Be in control
  • Flexible methods & fast solutions


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4 steps to success!

Make your business Agile with our 4-step approach

Innovation workshop

The start. Approachable, to the point and with a clear result: an initial innovation roadmap and an executable idea for the first project!


Let’s go. Bizzomate works with Agile & Scrum for the approach of their projects. Core values are flexibility, dedication, focus, transparency and last but not least: guts.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Make it tangible. A PoC helps determine the commercial viability of the idea and then serves as a kick-start for a project.


After the success of a first project, we work together on a complete digital innovation program.

Want to make steps towards Digital Innovation?

We’ll discuss the different possibilities to make your digital innovation and transformation strategy stand out together


  • The creation of an innovation roadmap
  • Picking the best project to start with
  • Really executing and evaluating that project
  • Set up a complete Digital Innovation track


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Sectors in which we specialize

Organisational, technical and customer-centric innovation

Legal professions

In the case of legal professions, we deal with a fast changing market and with clients who are becoming increasingly demanding.


For an accountancy firm, it’s very important to organize the existing service ‘lean and mean’.


Bizzomate provides insight into how to transform the organization into a smarter one.


Customised processes in the pension sector could be a lot easier and more efficient.

“Apart from the savings, this project has brought us great efficiency and quality. Without this platform, I wouldn’t know where we would stand today... We would probably still be wandering in the desert.”

Frans Hoogerbrugge
Director Sanitas Groep

“The platform is flexible, adaptable, easy to use, and not unimportantly accessible in terms of costs due to the service being cloud-based. Bizzomate’s speed and quality have paved the way for us.”

Gerke Henkes
Operational & Financial Director Nazza

“Bizzomate gives us the opportunity, in a fast changing world, to maximize the way we can benefit from the newest technologies.”

Bart Munsters
Information Manager AZL

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